About Inslussningen🇬🇧

What is Inslussningen? 

Inslussningen is the introduction to the social life and your studies at University West! During Inslussningen you will meet students, both old and new, from all over the school and hopefully meet new friends. 

The official Inslussning starts the 2nd of September with activities every day. Your buddies will guide you to the activities and the student-pub will be open every evening. To find your buddies you can visit the buddy page by clicking here. 

To find more answers you can visit the Q & A page located here where we have regularly asked questions in both Swedish and English. 

When ready, a translated schedule for Inslussningen will be posted on this page. Please note that the events in the events calendar contains information in both Swedish and English, so you will be able to find information about all the upcoming events! 

Inslussningen is organized by the Student Union at University West. To become a member of the student union please contact any of the union representatives you will meet during your first week at the University! 

We hope to see you during Inslussningen, and welcome to University West